Graduation Requirements


  1. For transfer students, the credit requirement for Chinese courses will diminished proportionally.

    • Grade 10 transfer students will need 4 credits in Chinese

    • Grade 11 transfer students will need 2 credits in Chinese

    • Grade 12 transfer students will not need to have credits in Chinese

  2. Performing Arts graduation credit must include both course-taking and graduation exhibition( IBSC presentation day for instance).

  3. Four years of upper school attendance are required with at least 43 credits to be earned in grades 9-12.

  4. All elective courses can be taken only once.

  5. Credits are awarded to AP classes either under their “parent” subject, or as elective credits, based on student need.

  6. IBSC contains the authority to modify the graduation requirements if necessary and the modification will not impose substantial or immediate harm to students.